First Look | ‘Outsiders’ Season 2 Episode 3

We have to admit that we didn’t really think that WGN America’s Outsiders really killed off one of the show’s main characters…until his severed arm showed up on the last episode. So unless Asa is walking around without an arm, then he’s very likely to be dead. But if Big Foster can keep coming back, then who knows what it means for Asa?

Speaking of which, Big Foster is very much alive and no longer a prisoner of perhaps the only family stranger than his. Seriously, it was getting a little too Misery, as Big Foster was kept in chains and more or less sexually assaulted by his female captor. But it was nothing that three brutal murders couldn’t solve! Meanwhile, G’Win Farrell faced another challenge to her leadership when the all-female clan known as the Kinnah arrived and asked for sanctuary. Their leader, Moregon, and the rest of her followers even moved into Big Foster’s home and began destroying his belongings.

In CraveOnline’s advance look at next week’s episode of Outsiders, Big Foster comes face-to-face with Moregon and the Kinnah, and he’s less than happy about the turn of events. But Big Foster may soon have much bigger problems than the Kinnah…

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WGN America has released the following description for this week’s episode of Outsiders:

“Big Foster admits to killing Lady Ray at the circle and agrees to accept any punishment. G’Win struggles with her decision on what to do with Big Foster. Meanwhile, Lil Foster attempts to trick the guards hoping he can escape prison. Houghton asks Haylie for help getting insurance for Ledda and Sally-Ann makes a surprising decision.”

The next episode of Outsiders season 2 will be broadcast Tuesday, February 7 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on WGN America.

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Photo Credit: WGN America