Friendlyjordies Posts Helpful Video Explaining The Difference Between Music Festivals And Bush Doofs

Are you an Aussie punter feeling confused about the difference between music festivals and bush doofs, and trying to figure out which one is more your bag of Fruity Lexia? Have you ever taken a look around you and wondered whether you’re currently guerning at one or the other? Well wonderful news, friend. Internet sensation Friendlyjordies has just produced a helpful video to help you discover the answers you seek.

Like an audiovisual version of one of those shitty magazine quizzes that asks you a bunch of “yes” or “no” questions, the enthusiastic wig owner’s new clip will help you track your true Aussie music event-based calling using criteria such as a) whether you’ve ever been so high that you’ve accidentally shat yourself in public and b) whether you’ve got a “No Peking” tattoo on your arse purely to stave off cavity searches.

Thank you Friendlyjordies, for once again showing us the way.

Catch his latest viral LOLfest below.