This Is Supposedly A Doctor Rubbing His Genitals On A Patient’s Face

Photo: YouTube

On second thought, I’ll actually stay awake for my gall bladder surgery. Thanks.

We’re not totally sure where this video comes from, but we’re fairly confident no matter where you are on this planet, rubbing your nutsack across a patient’s face while he or she is passed out is not considered a good luck charm.

Well, that’s apparently what this “doctor” did to a sleeping patient recently, and thankfully for all future patients at this hospital, somebody recorded it in the hopes that the right person would see it and take the appropriate disciplinary action.

This Is Supposedly A Doctor Rubbing His Genitals On A Patient’s Face

Wow. Waking up from surgery sure does smell something awful.

Short of a doctor jamming a surgery tool up his or her ass, pulling it out and immediately using it to fix something in somebody’s mouth, getting another man’s scrotum dragged across your face has to be one of the worst things imaginable for a patient.

It’s unknown if the doctor in the video has been identified or if the police are planning on using both heads to identify the suspect, but one thing is for sure: If this hospital looks familiar, then odds are you’ll want to spend the rest of the day scrubbing the shit out of your face.

And when you’re finished doing that, you’ll want to go right ahead and just do it again.

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