Daily Planet’s Annual “Invent This! Week” Returns

Discovery’s nightly science and technology news show Daily Planet has announced dates for their annual “Invest This! Week,” which runs from February 6-10 at 7pm.

Viewers will get to watch these backyard brainiacs who have designed and developed the most outrageous and mind-blowing inventions.

“Invent This! Week” features awe-inspiring moments from around the world, showcasing the original garage gurus, top secret labs, and engineering facilities turning awesome ideas into reality. From a 24-hour pizza ATM to a paper airplane machine gun, viewers are invited to join co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin for a week overflowing with creative thinkers pushing modern technology and engineering limits to the edge.

Daily Planet is Discovery’s flagship daily magazine program exploring the most amazing science and technology stories from around the world.