Girl Needs Ass Stitches After Dropping Onto Metal Pole During ‘Dance-Off’

Photo: Twitter

And that ladies and gentlemen is why it’s best you have dance-offs away from things that can jam your butt. Yes, that is the lesson here.

Yes, Bonnie-Lee Brown should be glad that she didn’t fall into a pit of fire like this guy did while dancing, but it still wasn’t a happy ending for her, as a night of fun and partying ended up with her in the hospital after a dance-off gone wrong.

Brown was having the time of her life with her gals pals, and dancing it up when she decided to get down in squat position during a dance. And while this seems like a typical dance move for a gal, it wasn’t so typical when a shoe rack nearby rammed right into her butt, causing Brown to shoot straight up in pain.

And has humiliating as this is, Brown still had the guts to share it on her Twitter. Take a look at the incident below.

Even I felt that one over here. The metal pole ripped through Brown’s dress, and she ended up in the hospital. Brown needed three stitches for the wound to prevent infection.

Here are some of Brown’s thoughts about the incident, like this gem of a tweet:

Or this one.

Well, at least she has a sense of humor about it. And believe it or not, Brown still made it to the club with an injured ass and all. Now that’s one girl that loves to party. And hey, at least her eye didn’t pop out of her head like this poor dude.


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