‘Good Game’ Has Been Cancelled, So Fans Are Putting Out Their Controllers

The gaming community was rocked today by the news that ABC television show Good Game has been cancelled after 10 years of bringing gaming news and laughs to our screens.

The show’s official Twitter account today released a statement, which noted that due to the departure of “two of the key presenters” of the show – a decision as been made not to continue producing the show.

The statement pointed out that this is not the final straw for gaming shows on the ABC, with the remaining cast and team behind Good Game expected to stay on to continue producing the show’s shorter, online spinoff Spawn Point.

Since the news broke this morning, gamers have taken to twitter with the hastag #putoutyourcontrollers – with some game studios even getting on the gesture as a tribute to the show.

Good Game presenters Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen and Stephen ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell have also both taken to social media since the announcement, with Hex’s Instagram post appearing to indicate that she’ll be leaving the ABC – while Bajo has clarified that he will stay on to present Spawn Point.

Check out Good Game’s official farewell statement, as well as plenty of #putyourcontrollersout tributes below.