Old Man With Cane Beats The Snot Out Of A-Hole Attacking A Female Bus Driver

I believe it was Lloyd Christmas who once said, “You know, the elderly, although slow, and dangerous behind the wheel, can serve a purpose.”

And boy, was that ever the case on a Kansas City bus early Saturday morning when some dick decided to attack the female driver but was thwarted by an old man wielding a cane with impeccable accuracy, thus being able to scratch “be a local hero” off his bucket list. Probably.

According to The Kansas City Star, the dick hopped onboard around 12:30 a.m. and immediately said something “really vulgar” to the young lady behind the wheel. He then “moved into her space and touched her,” and that was more than enough for her to reach for her radio to call for help as she pulled the bus over.

Unfortunately for the driver, that really chapped the man’s ass and sent him into full attack mode. He “grabbed her around the head and neck and than yanked her from her seat” and would have more than likely done some pretty serious damage on her if not for the heroic actions of an elderly man with a cane.

Old Man With Cane Beats The Snot Out Of A-Hole Attacking A Female Bus Driver

The old man wound up being an ace with that thing and was able to get at least five good shots in. That allowed the driver to escape, and thankfully, police weren’t very far behind to take her attacker into custody.

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is looking for the hero because they would like to properly recognize him for his bravery. Hell, if you know who he is, let us know and we’ll take him out to Kansas City’s finest tit bar the next time we’re in town. Although, he probably doesn’t want to be found…


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