If Every Cashier Was As Fast As This Girl, Waiting In Line Wouldn’t Be Such A Hellish Experience

Photo: Twitter

It’s no surprise why people prefer shopping online these days, especially if it means staying away from trash bags like this woman who yelled at a couple for not speaking English. Incidents like that just make you want to shop from home. But when you find yourself waiting in line, chances are that the line will be going slow, and that you will be waiting in line behind some awful person. And if you do find yourself waiting in line you’re going to want someone like this girl as your cashier.

Jewel Thomas, an 18-year-old girl who is a cashier herself, was shopping recently at an Aldi when she realized just how fast her cashier was ringing everything up. Just take a look at this speedster below thanks to Thomas’ Twitter.

Thomas did caption the video “When you tryna clock out,” which would also make sense because we’ve all been there before.

“I’m a cashier myself and get the feeling of wanting to go as fast as possible to get customers in and out,” Thomas told BuzzFeed. Well, here’s hoping that cashier succeeded in her mission to get the hell out of there as fast as possible.

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