YouTuber Threatens IGN Reviewer Who Gave Resident Evil 7 a “Low” Score

YouTuber HipHopGamer has threatened a reviewer from IGN who gave Resident Evil 7 the “low” (but actually reasonably high) score of 7.7, saying that he “better not see them in the street” and that he will “smash ’em” before adding “shots fired… blast ’em.”

HipHopGamer is well-known in the YouTube gaming community for his over-the-top approach to video game reviews, though his latest 15-minute live stream directly calls out an IGN reviewer before asking his viewers to tweet and “blast” them, over-stepping a very clean line in the process.

In the video, which was streamed to his 30,000 YouTube subscribers, HipHopGamer said: “You said IGN gave this [Resident Evil 7] a 7.7? Let me tell you something right now… I’mma find out who reviewed that game and I’mma smash ’em… shots fired, I’mma blast ’em, I better not see them in the street because I’m telling you right now… they buggin’… they lyin’… whoever did that tweet at ’em, say HipHopGamer said you lyin’ and I dare them to say something different.”

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Later in the video, HipHopGamer turns the camera towards a monitor with the IGN review displayed on it, pointing to its author’s name before signalling for his viewers to target them on Twitter. “I want y’all to look at that name. Blast that name. Find this person on Twitter, Instagram and so on … I’mma find them too, but y’all find ’em and blast’ em.”

He then proceeds to spend the rest of the video tracking down the reviewer online, repeatedly telling his followers to “blast” them on Twitter. He then tells them that he “needs help finding this dude’s Instagram,” adding: “If y’all find it let me know.”

It wasn’t long before many posted to Twitter in support of the reviewer, with HipHopGamer responding to criticisms leveled at him by gaming journalist Mitch Dyer, saying: “I call out everything and anyone if I disagree with it that’s all.”

However, there’s clearly a difference between disagreeing with a review and publicly calling a person out on your YouTube channel before requesting that your followers hassle them. HipHopGamer unfortunately does not recognize this, with the video remaining online and his “call to arms” for similarly hyper-sensitive man-babies staying up, too.