Skiing Is So Much More Fun When You Don’t Fall Over A Cliff

I got a lot of shit from my buddies after I found a great spot on the cabin couch to rest my fat ass and watch an entire day of NFL action on New Year’s Day while the rest of them went snowboarding and skiing. But the way I looked at, they were at a much higher risk of fucking up their lives by skiing and snowboarding than I was by just lounging. Well, unless I would have choked on a Frito or something.

Case in point is this 25-year-old dude named Devin Stratton who decided to hit the slopes near Provo Canyon in Utah last Wednesday and is lucky to be alive after he fell “well over 100 feet” over a cliff that he didn’t see until it was too late.

Skiing Is So Much More Fun When You Don’t Fall Over A Cliff

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“I’m more than lucky. It’s a straight-up miracle I’m alive,” Stratton said. “I think the fact that I was skiing when I went off the cliff and I somehow had enough speed to clear the rocks you see in the video is nothing short of a miracle.” He added that the first words his buddy said to him after skiing over to him and seeing the caliber of cliff he had just fallen over were, “Dude, how are you still alive?”

Not only was Stratton alive, but he was also well enough to make his way to the Ouray Ice Festival in Colorado, where he was able to do 910 pull-ups over a two-day span despite having a “slightly sore neck and back.” That effort was enough to win him a new backpack, which came in handy since his old backpack was amongst the few pieces of gear that broke during his amazing fall.

But hey, that’s better than a broken back.

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