Apocalypse Now: The Game Announced, Will Be a Survival Horror

Apocalypse Now was a notoriously difficult film to make, with director Francis Ford Coppola famously saying that the film wasn’t about Vietnam, but rather “it is Vietnam!” Now the film is being adapted into a video game with Coppola’s approval, bringing in talent from other titles such as Fallout: New Vegas, Far Cry and The Witcher in order to provide an “immersive, interactive” survival horror experience.

Apocalypse Now: The Game has been unveiled on Kickstarter, with its developers requested $900,000 to bring the project to life. According to its team the film will follow the events of the 1979 war epic, placing players on the shoes of Captain Benjamin Willard (portrayed by Martin Sheen in the film) as he is tasked with assassinating the crazed Colonel Walter E. Kurtz (Marlon Brando). “The game is an interactive recreation of Willard’s journey, as seen through a survival horror lens in which players with limited resources face unspeakable terrors,” its description reads.

The listing states that players will be able to a mold “a unique version of Willard within the loose confines of the film story,” with in-game actions altering his fate. The game will also provide players with “subjective access to a character who is already nearly insane,” while its RPG elements will see players choosing “actions and postures” rather than dialog options. “This is not Call of Duty in Vietnam,” its developers state.

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Unfortunately, Apocalypse Now: The Game‘s Kickstarter campaign has launched without any footage of the game in action, meaning that backing the project at this early stage will require a leap of blind faith. Take a look at a selection of teaser images for the game in the gallery below:

It remains to be seen how this talented team will manage to adapt this difficult film into a video game, though we’ll have a better handle of the direction they plan to take the game in once its first teaser trailer has dropped. Check out the video announcing the project below: