Watch This Genius Australia Day-Themed Parody Of Classic Anti-Piracy Ad

One of the most iconic ads from the turn of the millennium, the classic “You wouldn’t steal a car” anti-piracy PSA (AKA the 21st century update of the old “Have you ever bought or rented a video tape that wasn’t quite right?” PSA) has just been given an apt upgrade in honour of Australia Day.

Juice Media, whom you may remember from such hilarious videos as this Centrelink infomercial from a few weeks back, have gifted us with another genius audio-visual concoction, which takes the formula of the classic “Piracy: It’s A Crime” commercial and applies it to the current issue of Australia Day being held on January 26th, a day that Indigenous Aussies associate with invasion and all kinds of other really bad stuff that’s pretty damn warped for anyone to celebrate, really.

“YOU WOULDN’T CELEBRATE SEPTEMBER 11,” the ad says as a schoolgirl sits at her computer mulling over an Australia Day “Piss Up Party”, in a nostalgic nod to the OG.

You can probably guess where it goes from here, but it’s definitely worth a watch anyway.