FIFA 18 Looks to Include the Chinese Super League

It looks like FIFA 18 could include the Chinese Super League, with EA Sports seemingly set to spread its reach to the bank-rolling division in the series’ next installment.

The league’s inclusion in the game was hinted at by Alex Tiexeira, who posted the following photo to Instagram alongside the caption: “Official presentation for Fifa 18, New shirt for the 2017 season.” The Chinese Super League has become a major talking point in the football world over the past two years, with the region splashing out the cash to secure big name talent from across the world. This would lead to Chinese Ultimate Team cards for the likes of Carlos Tevez, Oscar and Hulk, who have all moved to the division.


Redditors have pointed out how diverse the league will be in terms of player skill levels, with one commenter writing: “Gonna be so weird. It will be like loads of 55-64 rated players with random 82s and 83s mixed in.” Another wrote: “Going to be s***, like the J league players. I must have about 20 odd pages of the f***ers.”

There’s no official confirmation from EA Sports in regards to whether or not these rumours are true, but personally I’m already looking forward to making a super cheap team of talented footballers everyone has more or less completely forgotten about in FIFA 18.

Image Credit: YouTube