Polow Da Don Releases Political Protest Track

Is love really all we need? How exactly are we defining love? When they go low, is going high really the best political response? Producer Polow Da Don is erring on the side of positivity as the country settles in for the volatile and bumpy ride of the next four years. Working with the Yrs, he’s just dropped what he hopes will be the anthem and working philosophy of the foreseeable future, the track “The Love Challenge.” The video for the song is filled with exactly the imagery you would expect – people of different races hugging, dancing, making heart symbols with their hands, holding signs of peace and tolerance, or ripping up signs touting bigotry; an American soldier and a Muslim woman in hijab standing side by side; bullets falling to the ground in slo-mo rather than piercing bodies. It’s a preaching-to-the-converted effort, likely to be ignored or scornfully dismissed by one side and enthusiastically embraced by the other, but it’s a start.

Top photo is a still from the video, courtesy Polow Da Don.