Props To This Pastor And His ‘Holy Shoe’ For Curing This Woman’s Vaginal Warts

Screenshot: YouTube

Funny. All this time, people were dropping mad cash on pills and ointments, and it turns out all you need to do is rub your vagina on this guy’s size 10s for a few seconds.

According to the Daily Mail, a South African pastor who claims he can “cure AIDS and other spiritual problems” has now jumped into the vaginal warts game, and there’s a video making the rounds in which a woman falls to the ground with a “clear vagina” after simply putting his shoe between her legs for a few seconds.

Watch as the pastor walks up to the unnamed woman, asks her if she has “pimples on her vagina” and then offers up his shoe as a cure. She then falls to the ground before making a trip to the shitter to see if her “pimples” have gone the way of the dinosaur. A friend then follows her into the bathroom and then tells the congregation about the “remarkable results.”

“Pastor, I just came with her from the toilet and she says her vagina is clear!” the woman says.

No, seriously. All that happens, and there’s a video to prove it.

Props To This Pastor And His ‘Holy Shoe’ For Curing This Woman’s Vaginal Warts

For starters, how about the balls on this guy? I mean, it takes a pretty confident man to approach a woman and simply ask her if she’s walking around with vaginal warts.

And second, I’m pretty sure what we just watched there was pure bull shit.

Maybe his shoe could turn one bottle of booze into two: Florida Woman Tries To Steal Brandy By Hiding It In Her Vagina