Kevin O’Leary To Run For Tory Leadership

Kevin O’Leary may have made his announcement late in the game, but he has declared that he will run for Tory leadership in the next Conservative election on May 27th.

However, he’s come under attack for breaking the news immediately following the French debate, which many are speculating is because O’Leary is not bilingual. However, in a recent interview he said that he was taking French classes and would be bilingual by 2019.

O’Leary started his business successes when he co-founded SoftKey Software Products, which he later sold and became a multi-millionaire. Since that time, the venture capitalist has appeared as a commentator on The Lang and O’Leary Exchange and hosted Redemption Inc., and he is currently an investor on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank after hanging up his hat in the Den after being one of the first venture capitalist “Dragons” on CBC’s Dragons’ Den.

Those wishing to vote for the next Conservative leader on May 27th must purchase a party membership before March 28th (CBC News).

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