Bondi Hipsters Wrote A Song About Those “Ibis Cunts”, And It’s Spot On

Bondi’s very own Bondi Hipsters (that’s actors/comedians Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nicholas Boshier) have created a song for the ages, simply titled ‘A Song About Birds’.

The thing is, while the track is indeed about birds, it specifically calls out the ibises (or is it ibii?) for being “bin-juice-drinking gronks”, “picnic-wrecking fucks” and “feathered bit rats”. So yeah, it’s pretty spot on.

In the comments on the video, the Bondi Hipsters have also directed everyone to the ‘Silly ibises performing unusual activities’ Facebook page, which is full of more quality ibis content.

Watch their music video for ‘A Song About Birds’, below.