This Hilarious ‘Scarface’ Remake Starring Kids Will Never Get Old

Photo: YouTube

If you’ve seen the Al Pacino classic Scarface, you’ll know that film is filled with plenty of F-U moments, and tons of brutal insults. So it’s not only a film you don’t want to show kids, it’s a film that perhaps shouldn’t be remade starring kids. But guess what? That’s actually what someone went off and did anyway, and we’re glad as hell they did.

Let me just preface this by saying that this video is as old as Larry King, as the original video titled Scarface School Play was uploaded onto YouTube in 2010. The original video was done by music video director Marc Klasfeld, and done with professional child actors in Los Angeles’ Koreatown.

Well of course this amazing video has gone viral once again thanks to Twitter user Steph LdaVoski. And if you haven’t seen it yet, well you better get to it now. Check it out below!

This is amazing, and should be studied by every child actor. So many “fudges.”

h/t BuzzFeed

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