Here’s A Monkey Trying To Hump A Deer

If President-elect Donald Trump wasn’t a sign that the apocalypse is upon us, maybe a red-assed monkey trying to pork a deer will do the trick.

That’s right, kids. Researchers in Japan say they have landed one of the first ever recordings of an instance of “reproductive interference” in the animal kingdom thanks to a male Japanese macaque and one kinky female sika deer who appears to be wearing some kind of choker, ball gag or tracking collar, so they must have known going into this that she’d be down for anything.

Now maybe it’s just us, but unless that deer’s vagina is located somewhere in the middle of her back for some reason, we don’t think this counts as intercourse. I mean, you can’t tell all of your buddies that you nailed the prom queen when your pee-pee was somewhere between the bed sheets and her ass cheeks, am I right?

Either way, it’s a rather amusing video. I mean, it’s not everyday that you see a monkey trying to take a deer to pound town. Enjoy.

Here’s A Monkey Trying To Hump A Deer

Researchers say this cheeky monkey and deer might help explain why some human beings are attracted to other animals. Our guess is that it’s because they’re fucking insane.

h/t The Independent

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