Showtime Finally Gives ‘Twin Peaks’ a Premiere Date

It’s literally been decades since we’ve seen a new episode of Twin Peaks, but the long wait is almost over. Earlier today, at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Showtime’s President, David Nevins confirmed the release date of the revival miniseries.

According to Nerdist, Twin Peaks will premiere on Sunday, May 21 with two back-to-back episodes. Additionally, the third and fourth episodes will be immediately available on Showtime’s on-demand and streaming services. While the original plan had been to create nine new episodes, series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost filmed eighteen episodes with the new and returning cast.

“David Lynch is one of the great film masters of my lifetime,” said Nevins at the TCA. “And I think that the version of Twin Peaks you’re going to see is the pure heroin version of David Lynch and I am very excited to be putting that out.”

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The original Twin Peaks was briefly the hottest TV show in America before it flamed out on ABC midway through the second season and infamously ended with a cliffhanger. And while there may be demand for more episodes after the initial 18, Nevins appeared to downplay the idea that the series could run for multiple seasons on Showtime.

“It’s designed to be a closed-ended, one-time event,” said Nevins, before Showtime’s Gary Levine added “the fact that we are presenting the return of Twin Peaks and David Lynch’s pure view of it with him having directed the entire thing, for us is already a success.”

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Photo Credit: Showtime