22 Hilarious Comedians Give You All Some Life Advice

Photo: Chris McKay (Getty)

There have been plenty of funny comedians over the years — from some of the best standup comics of the ’80s, to today’s comics that deserve their own show. But even when they are tossing hilarious jokes and stories left and right for our entertainment, these funny men and women also sometimes drop some lines that really make you think; lines that can actually make you look at life a tad differently. And the 22 comedians below did exactly that.

So from today’s biggest comics like Louis C.K. and Bill Burr, to legends like George Carlin and Rodney Dangerfield, these comics all at one point or another dropped some serious (and some pretty damn funny) life advice for us all.

Check it out below, comedy lovers, and get some insight.

22 Hilarious Comedians Give You All Some Life Advice 

Well, these guys and gals can obviously make you laugh, but it’s pretty clear that from time to time they can also fill our brain with some life knowledge. And that is clearly something we can all use these days.

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