This Cricketer Takes One For The Team…Off His Groin

Where are all my cricket fans at? Oh wow, ironically all I heard was crickets. But don’t you worry, because this might be the only post on cricket we ever write, so strap in, and guard your family jewels.

When it isn’t an ump taking a shot into his boys, it’s cricket players, more specifically, Hilton Cartwright taking a rough shot off his groin. And it’s quite tough to see.

Take a look at the Australian cricketer Cartwright go down for the count thanks to a ball hit by Younis Khan:

This Cricketer Takes One For The Team…Off His Groin

Apparently the ball reached Cartwright’s boys in 0.132 seconds — obviously not enough time for Cartwright to say his prayers.

Here’s another look if you can take it:

Yep, I felt that all the way over here.

Here’s hoping Cartwright’s system is still working. That’s right, I said system, folks. I’m an adult — an adult that will not begin watching this sport.

h/t Busted Coverage

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