And Here We Have The Rock Getting Swollen At A Gym With A Toilet On The Floor

Unless you’re Stevie Wonder, then you can tell that The Rock works out on a regular basis just by looking at him. And because he’s pretty much the busiest man in show business, sometimes he doesn’t have a choice when it comes to finding the most ideal place to get swollen.

Case in point is this picture The Rock posted to his Instagram page that shows him really having a go with what looks to be 25 or 30-pound dumbbells. But it’s not the lack of weight in each hand that’s the most mesmerizing thing in the photo. I mean, call us crazy, but it’s not everyday that you see a toilet that’s not in a bathroom much less on the gym floor.

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We actually put a ton of thought into why a gym would have a toilet out in the open like that, and the more we thought about it, the more it actually made sense. I mean, sometimes you only have seven minutes to make weight for your next wrestling match, and you don’t have time to make it to the john to barf up last night’s chicken parm. And sometimes you push so hard to get that new personal best on the bench that you might push out a dookie as well.

And of course, everybody knows that six raw eggs for breakfast doesn’t sit well with everybody, so yeah, having a toilet right there is actually pretty choice.

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