North Korea’s “Official” Twitter Account Will Take You On a Weird Journey

A lot of people find themselves curiously interested in North Korea, largely as a result of the veil of secrecy that shrouds the so-called Hermit Kingdom. With its citizens largely forbidden from communicating with those outside of their country, and their impressions of the outside world formed by the ceaseless propaganda fed to them by the iron-fisted government that rules over them, we know very little about what actually takes place within the self-imposed confines of its borders.

This is why when snippets of information leak out from the country, such as its the eye-opening leaking of its propaganda websites or their employment of an internet comments team paid to spread lies about their neighboring rivals South Korea, people are intrigued to find out more about its inner workings. Such snippets of information have largely formed our understanding of North Korea, and have led to the absurdity of dictator Kim Jong-un’s regime being widely parodied and ridiculed in the West.

These parodies are also present on the internet, with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) News Service Twitter account being chief among them. Though billing itself as the “official” Twitter account of North Korea (considering that the internet is highly censored and wildly inaccessible in the country, we doubt anyone is going to call the account’s owner out on this falsification), @DPRK_News reports the apparent goings-on in the region.

There’s an absurd amount of discussion surrounding animals:

Plenty of shade thrown in the direction of the US:

Sometimes it hits a little too close to home:

And, of course, a lot of love for their “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-un:

There’s also an entire forum devoted to North Korea on Reddit, with r/Pyongyang posting news items from the country complete with subservient comments replicating the propaganda that is disseminated in the country:


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Image Credit: AFP / Getty Images