‘Resident Evil 7: The Experience’ Escape Room is Coming to London

Resident Evil 7: The Experience is an upcoming escape room that will appear in London to mark the release of the upcoming survival-horror sequel, with it looking set to be a terrifying trip for fans of the legendary series.

The Experience will task players with escaping a creepy, rickety house in the middle of a plantation. Those who have played the game’s PS4 demo will immediately recognise the setting, though will get to, ahem, experience it for themselves as they wander through its dimly lit rooms and try to figure a way out.

Taking place in a secret location, Resident Evil 7: The Experience will also be completely free, with tickets being handed out on a first come first serve basis. Attendees will be able to grab them at the Dray Walk Gallery, located at 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL at 11:30am between January 20 – 23, with 28 pairs being allowed into the house throughout each day.

Similar to ordinary escape rooms, players will have to solve puzzles in order to make their way through the house, though their experience will be made much more intense by way of the crazed ghouls that stalk its corridors. Little is known about the story of Resident Evil 7, though it seems that the series’ traditional zombies have been replaced by something much more sinister looking, and this appears to be reflected in The Experience judging by its debut trailer.

Take a look below: