Cowboys Fan Gets Punched So Hard By Giants Fan His Pants Fall Off

Something about sporting events that just brings out the garbage side of people. Oh, I know what it is: alcohol and lots of it. As well as a huge amount of testosterone and not a huge amount of brain cells. If you’re looking for examples of this let me remind you of the time a pissed off Indians knocked out a Cubs fan. Or the time a bunch of tools at a Dolphins/49ers game got into a brawl. It’s mainly what happens when idiots get together. And the video below is just another winning example.

Now I don’t know just what in the hell these two guys were arguing about, but what we have here is a guy in a Cowboys shirt who is sweating so much it looks like he’s having a heat stroke, and another man (a Giants fan) who thinks it’s OK for a person his age to wear a football jersey. Now let’s watch the Cowboys fan get hit so hard that he ends up staggering around and letting his pants fall off.

Cowboys Fan Gets Punched So Hard By Giants Fan His Pants Fall Off

How do you even come back from that? It’s one thing to get knocked off your feet, because you can come back from that. But having your pants fall off? Yep, it’s over for you. I guess that is what you get for wearing cargo shorts. So many bad fashion choices here. Tim Gunn is probably rolling in his grave. Oh, never mind, he’s still alive.

h/t Bro Bible

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