Watch The New Trailer For HBO’s ‘Becoming Warren Buffett’

Whether Warren Buffett is “the world’s greatest investor” may be up for debate, but Buffett’s accomplishments can’t be denied. He’s built up a vast personal fortune through his various investments, and become a leading philanthropist by pledging to give away most of his wealth to various charities through the Gates Foundation. Later this month, HBO will unveil Becoming Warren Buffett, a new documentary that allows Buffett to tell his own story in his own words. And in a new trailer for the feature, Buffett shows off his frugal side as he explains how and why he chooses his breakfast.

The clip also features excerpts from the various interviews with Buffett and his wife, as well as archival footage and clips of Buffett’s assent to the top.

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Directed by Peter Kunhardt (HBO’s Emmy-winning “Jim: The James Foley Story”) and produced by Teddy Kunhardt and George Kunhardt, BECOMING WARREN BUFFETT is the definitive documentary on Buffett. With unprecedented access to his day-to-day personal life, BECOMING WARREN BUFFETT tells the improbable story of how an ambitious, numbers-obsessed boy from Nebraska became one of the richest, most-respected men in the world. This candid portrait sheds new light on a man who has helped shape the way Americans view capitalism and, more recently, philanthropy. Told primarily in Buffett’s own words, the film features never-before-released home videos, family photographs, archival footage and interviews with family and friends.

Becoming Warren Buffett will premiere on Monday, January 30 at 10pm on HBO.

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Photo Credit: HBO