This Aussie Music Show’s NYE Countdown Is The Most Awks Thing Ever

UPDATE 04/01/16: The truth behind ‘The Loop”s super-awkward NYE countdown has been revealed.

ORIGINAL STORY: Channel 11’s music programme ‘The Loop’ has kicked off 2017 by pretty much becoming a meme, thanks to its mega-awkward New Year’s Eve countdown which has since been reposted to the interwebs.

Video of the show’s NYE countdown (below) sees a group of competition winners (well, alleged competition winners; they kinda seemed like prisoners), reluctantly participate in the programme’s cringeworthy segment, before shuffling off set while hosts Scott Tweedie and Olivia Phyland try desperately to create some positive vibes.

The segment has seen quite a reaction online, but the show’s producers are yet to publicly explain why the whole thing was so damn awkward, which has left punters with a bunch of unanswered questions:

the loop facebook screenshot 1

the loop facebook screenshot 2

the loop facebook screenshot 3

Watch the magic unfold below, but brace for the awkwardness first.