Borneland’s New Mixtape Eases You into the New Year

Fascism, nationalism and general political fuckery are the nascent status quo around the world, and strife will be the constant companion of much of the planet’s citizenry for a long, long time to come as result of political elections and selections enacted in 2016. Art and music will take on even greater importance – both as a means of expressing dissent and as a necessary escape valve.  “Mix 54,” the newest mixtape from Danish production/remix outfit Borneland, siblings Jonas and Micki Borneland, is a mellow, soothing example of the latter. In the notes to the new set, they write:

“This month’s mixtape is dedicated to our new-old universe: a place where dreams come true and not even the sky is a limit. Our universe is packed with smooth rhythms, cherry hums and funky grooves. It is a place where we and you make the rules, the trees, the flowers, the animals – and the music.”

The track-list is as follows:

00:00 – Saux – Coast To Coast ft. Sadie

03:42 – Couros – Never Break ft. Alyss

06:50 – The Flexican – Good Girl

11:26 – Zimmer – Lost Your Mind

16:29 – SirOJ – Work You

19:30 – Polographia – Feels Alright

11:53 – GoldLink – Fall In Love (Pomo Remake)

25:54 – We Are Knights – Heroes (Dim Sum Remix)

29:48 – Leo Islo – Golden Grave (Cabinett Remix)

33:48 – Gil Scott-Heron – Winter in America (Moullinex Edit)

40:03 – Mount Liberation Unlimited – Double Dance Lover (Disko Dubb Mix)

45:02 – Warpaint – New Song (Soulwax Remix)

51:17 – Roosevelt – Teardrops

56:21 – The Supermen Lovers – Walking On The Moon (Club Edit)

Top image courtesy the artists and Elie Saab.