Friendlyjordies Nails Everything Wrong With Aussie Work Xmas Parties

Jordan Shanks’ Friendlyjordies YouTube channel has come a long way since he made a name for himself with on-point videos about Aussie food, Aussie music festivals and the like.

And whilst his recently clips have increasingly gone down the path of Labor-hackery, every now and then Shanks will pull out an absolute gem, like his latest video which absolutely nails the classic Australian office Christmas party.

The clip goes through every single person you’ll have to awkwardly interact with, and his impressions are seriously on point, breaking down the party into a pie graph of how much time you’ll likely spend with each horrible person.

Clear highlights are his portrayal of a really likeable jock that doesn’t allow you to say much, co-workers just outside your age bracket, and the man who you were assigned to get a secret Santa gift for but you barely know his name.

Prepare for, or debrief from your own office party by checking it out, below.

Watch: Friendlyjordies – ‘Work Chrissy Part! YEW!!!’