Exclusive | Watch a Preview of the ’12 Deadly Days’ Fruitcake Episode

When it comes to holidays, Christmas is arguably even scarier than Halloween. The spirits of that October festivity are all supposed to be in good fun but the nightmares that Christmas conjures are a little too real, a little too stressful and – since they’re perversions of a supposedly family-friendly occasion – a heck of a lot weirder. So it makes sense that someone would finally come up with the idea to produce a whole horror anthology dedicated to Christmas creepiness, and that’s exactly what happened with 12 Deadly Days, the new series currently airing new, daily episodes on YouTube Red.

It’s a pretty cool show, and since you’ve already listened to the latest episode of our B-Movies Podcast to learn all about how 12 Deadly Days got made, we thought we’d give you another exclusive treat. It’s a preview of the ninth episode of the series, all about an online food critic who winds up eating a cursed fruitcake that’s going to kill him, unless he can convince somebody else to eat it too. But who the hell likes fruitcake, right?

Watch the preview below, check out all the episodes 12 Deadly Days as they air on YouTube Red, and listen to the show’s producer Josh Miller share the series’ secrets – and what’s in store for us with the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which he’s also co-writing – on The B-Movies Podcast!

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Top Photo: YouTube Red