In Memoriam | The Actors and Filmmakers We Lost in 2016

As has been commented on repeatedly throughout the year, 2016 was a slaughterhouse. Some say that it has to do with the way we have built up celebrities, and that the amount of notable deaths in 2016 only reflects that we have more heroes now than he did in the past. But seeing as the people on the below list all came to fame at different times and in different disciplines, it’s tempting to say that that the forces that be are simply cleaning house.

The below list only reflects those we lost in the film industry, although people in music, sports, and television are also stinging. The death of Florence Henderson hurt many people, as did the loss of musical giant Leonard Cohen. And, of course, the death of Muhammad Ali cannot be forgotten. Even staying within the world of film, however, there is an extensive litany of amazingly talented people who left this good Earth in 2016.

But rather than wallow in misery, this is a great opportunity to look back over the lives and careers of these people, and reflect on the glorious art they have all provided for us. Some lived long lives and spent decades giving us great film and music. Others were taken too early, providing us with just a taste of their talent to come. Others were fun personalities and cinematic gadflys that were always a pleasure to see. Others still had long since retired, but whose death will allow us to look back at their careers and smile.

Here is a list of the notable people we lost in 2016.

Slideshow: In Memoriam 2016

Top Image: LucasFilm

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