Someone Filmed A Kid Running Home After School Everyday And It’s The Most Pointless, Most Hilarious Video

Photo: Paramount Pictures

There was nothing like the feeling of finally being able to go home after a long, terrible day at school, because we knew that TV, food and a bed awaited us, so I think we understand the rush the kid below has to get home.

Sometimes random things are caught on film, and they happen to be the most bizarre, yet most hilarious things we’ve seen. Do you expect to see someone run themselves over with their own car? No. But it happened. And do you expect to see a pet groomer dance with one of his dog “clients”? Nope. But that also happened. And did anyone expect someone to film a kid sprinting home everyday after school, and then putting it in a montage with awesome music? Hell no. But guess what? It happened.

Check out the hilarious video below, and think back to a time when you were young and excited to be going home.

I wonder why he ditched the running and decided to start walking. Well, regardless, this dude is probably going to be in the Olympics one day, sprinting his ass off for this country.

h/t Viral Thread

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