The 13 Best Video Game Christmas Gifts You Need For 2016

Photo: Nintendo

Asking for video game Christmas gifts is not only practical, but easy enough for your friends and relatives not to completely screw up. Even if they get you an earlier version of the same title, at least it’s still enough in the wheelhouse to get you through a dull holiday (that is, if you didn’t already have that previous game and get sick of it already). Fortunately, you shouldn’t have that problem with the following games, as none of them have been out long enough for you to have gotten bored with them yet. Plus, they’re all so advanced and mind-blowing these days that you’d have to have some sort of advanced form of ADHD for them to not keep your attention. Seriously, any one of the following video game Christmas gifts would make the perfect stocking stuffer.

The 12 Best Video Game Christmas Gifts You Need For 2016

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