Just Some Soccer Players And Fans Beating The Crap Out Of The Refs In Argentina

Odds are you missed this lower league soccer match in Argentina over the weekend between who the hell cares and who gives a shit because you were busy doing something more productive like setting off fireworks in your grandma’s basement.

But according to Deadspin, one of the referees in the game missed a call about midway through the first half, and he would pay a dear price for it after the team who committed the penalty abruptly took the ball down to the other side of the field and scored a goal. I mean, not only did one player have to protect the ref from his own team, but he also had to try his damnedest to keep the fans of his team from beating the piss out of him on the field.

After a brief tussle ensued, it seemed as though peace had been restored, but that turned out to be short-lived, as more fans started running onto the field. It didn’t matter that the cops were there as well because they were greatly outnumbered, and that’s when shit got real.

To his credit, the referee that got jacked in the face was able to laugh it off in the locker room after all of the chaos had subsided. Just kidding. Here he is trying to find anything that resembles ice to treat the massive gash under his eye:

Well, you can go ahead and add that to the already large shit heap of reasons why soccer blows. Oh, add this horrific injury to it, too.

It’s only a game, Facher! Argentine Soccer Player Knocks Ref Out After Getting Yellow Card