12 Celebrities With Ridiculous And Bizarre Dressing Room Demands

Photo: Thomas Trutschel (Getty)

Celebrities are brands. To think otherwise is naive. Everything they do and say has been deeply discussed, rehearsed and strategized amongst a group of qualified professionals so that we continue talking about them. These efforts will then keep them in the highly regarded limelight and subsequently earning more money than any of us bottom-feeders could ever dream of.

What you will witness below is further evidence that celebrities vehemently believe they are better than us in every conceivable way, residing smug-faced at the peak of the human hierarchy, as they look down at us lowly, everyday citizens.


Even though they lead us to believe otherwise, celebrities are, for the most part, completely self-absorbed and nowhere is this trait more evident than in their ridiculous and unnecessary requests and tour riders.

In this article, I speak specifically of the pages on pages of requests celebrities expect to receive while on tour.

From providing Madonna a 200+ person entourage filled of body guards and personal chefs to Mary J. Blige’s need for a new toilet seat wherever she goes to drop a deuce, the following celebrities are proof that, if nothing else, fame offers a wildly abstract view of what’s important or necessary.

12 Celebrities With Ridiculous And Bizarre Dressing Room Demands

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