Pissed Off Russian Hockey Player Attacks Referee With Hockey Stick

Geez. It’s only a game, Facher!

If you’re just waking up from your coma, congratulations. But while you’ve been away, Russia has become such a dangerous place to call home that it’s damn near a must that you have some kind of camera on you at all times to capture somebody doing something shitty to you.

Whether it’s behind the wheel of your car and trying to avoid one of those notorious Russian insurance scams or simply walking down your street to the local supermarket, having that camera rolling might be the only thing that saves your ass in a respectable court of law, if such a thing even exists over there.

And now, it looks as though you can add “while you are refereeing an amateur hockey league” to the list of times you’ll need that camera, as making a simple call in a game can apparently lead to you almost getting decapitated courtesy of some pissed off player swinging his stick at your dome as hard as he can:

Pissed Off Russian Hockey Player Attacks Referee With Hockey Stick

Mmmmm. Great times.

The dickhead player is Sergei Petrov, and he has reportedly been banned from the league thanks to his shitdickery. Plus, his team will be broken up, and his former teammates will be available to be acquired via a transfer list, which means there just might be sweet justice in Russia after all. Who knew?

But hey, at least they will always have the shirtless guy who saved a dog from a frozen pond. That’s something.

h/t Yahoo! Sports

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