Exclusive Preview |AfterShock Comics’ ‘Animosity’ # 3

AfterShock Comics’ Animosity is a comic book about the apocalypse…but not the one that you may have expected! There are no zombies here, and neither a plague nor a disease. Instead, “the Wake” has somehow given every animal on Earth the cognitive abilities of humans…and they are seriously pissed off at us. Can you blame them? Most people do eat animals…because they’re so damn tasty. Stop judging us!

Through the first two issues of Animosity, writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Rafael De Latorre have started to establish the new world order, which has humans rapidly falling down the food chain. With the animals literally negotiating at gunpoint with the humans, all semblance of a peaceful solution was lost as Sandor the bloodhound was betrayed by Oscar, the father of a young girl named, Jesse; whom Sandor loved more than anything. Now, Jesse’s parents are gone, and Sandor has taken it upon himself to get Jesse to California and reunite her with her brother. But that’s easier said than done.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Animosity # 3, Sandor and Jesse encounter a Pokémon-loving humpback whale, and the Animilitary; which is apparently made up of heavily armed animals who are itching for a fight with humanity!

Animosity 3 page 5 Animosity 3 page 6

We don’t have the text to go with the next two pages, but it seems that Jesse is warmly received by at least some of the Animilitary. But we also catch a glimpse of one of their human slaves, who is apparently serving them while in chains.

Animosity 3 page 7 Animosity 3 page 8 Animosity 3 cover

Here’s AfterShock Comics’ solicitation text for Animosity # 3:

“Caught between the ruins of the human militia and the rise of the Animilitary, the Bloodhound Sandor and his human daughter Jesse encounter unlikely allies and cunning traitors, but are haunted by the horrors that brought them here…”

Animosity # 3 will be released on Wednesday, November 2 in comic book stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by AfterShock Comics.