Case Of Bad Road Rage Led Two Idiots To Fight Each Other In The Middle Of A Boston Street

The headline says “two idiots,” but let’s not forget the third idiot who is filming it and says “Worldstar.” That idiot also deserved to get punched.

Time and time again we see a bad case of road rage lead to unnecessary fights — fights that solve absolutely nothing and just lead to a video that makes its way on to the internet. This is the exact reason everyone was able to see that crazy woman punch a car and spit on it, and why we were able to see this insane Houston road rage incident. And now we get to see two tools go at it in the middle of a street while cars honk. Take a look at the video below:

Two Idiots In Boston Fight

Sure this video is from the summer, but it is just making the rounds now, and this is the first time we are seeing it which is a bummer because we always enjoy watching guys punch their opponent so hard their awful Oakley sunglasses go flying off their face.

No word yet on what started this “brawl,” but maybe one of these guys made a comment about David Ortiz never playing baseball again and the other guy just couldn’t handle it and started to unleash his emotions. I feel that is most likely what occurred.

And then you have this guy: Shirtless Idiot Attempts To Fight Bouncer, Pays The Price