The Definitive Ranking Of ‘Between Two Ferns’ Episodes

‘Between Two Ferns’ is an online program that, no matter who’s interviewed, receives millions on millions of views. As of the posting of this article, Galifianakis’ latest interview was with none other than Hillary Clinton, who, admittedly, wasn’t very funny. Be that as it may, the clip has already been viewed over 45 million times.

The series, created by Scott Aukerman and B.J. Porter, was actually declined by Fox, who probably regrets the decision. After that initial failure, the show’s creators then decided to upload their content to “Funny Or Die” where it has since had a very, very successful run.

According to Galifianakis, guests have no discussion prior to the interview. Meaning what you’re watching isn’t rehearsed at all. This is just one of the many things that makes “Between Two Ferns” so unique.

Since the show has become a trending topic as of late, I’ve electively watched each episode of “Between Two Ferns” with a discerning eye to determine which episodes of the series are the best. Below, after much consideration and scrutiny, are the best moments in the show’s history.

10. Hillary Clinton

Galifianakis carried this interview with his relentless verbal lashings that pierced like bullets from a machine gun. As for Clinton? She was just — well, she was there. Very stoic and very rehearsed. The only line issued by her that could have been considered remotely funny was that she “regretted doing this,” which, after Galifianakis had his way with her, we can’t blame her for.

Best moment:

Galifianakis: “Well this has been a lot of fun, Mrs. Clinton. We should stay in touch. What’s the best way to reach you? Email?”

9. Conan O’Brien

Two Ferns

I’ll admit I was expecting more from this since O’Brien is a comedy legend at all, but it was just kind of alright. The interview basically consists of O’Brien trying his hardest to make Galifianakis laugh, with very little success. No success, actually. As a result, Conan is replaced by Andy Dick.

Best moment:

Galifianakis: “Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien.”

O’Brien: “Mmhmm.”

Galifianakis: “I was just listing my favorite ‘Tonight Show’ hosts in order.”

8. Jimmy Kimmel

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 1.39.15 PM

In this episode, Galifianakis displays a blatant disinterest throughout, taking his shoes off mid-interview, and asking redundant questions like: “Have you ever farted on a Cocker Spaniel?”

Kimmel: “Well she [Sarah] doesn’t like fish.”

Galifianakis: [raises his eyebrows]

Kimmel: “What?”

Galifianakis: “I know what that means.”

7. Brad Pitt

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 1.41.46 PM

Pitt gets hit pretty hard in this one. From being told he should take a shower, to being likened to Hitler’s dream, Pitt is eventually cut off by Louis CK doing stand-up when discussing his charity work. He does get a sizeable bong out of it all, though.

Best moment:

Galifianakis: “Is it hard for you to maintain a suntan?”

Pitt: “Why?”

Galifianakis: “Because you live in your wife’s shadow.”

6. Oscar Buzz Edition Part 1

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 1.45.43 PM

Jennifer Lawrence. Just, wow. She’s incredible. In fact, all of the guests in this episode (who include: Lawrence, Waltz, Naomi Watts, Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams) are, really.

Discerning a best moment from the bunch was tough, from Galifianakis inquiring if Waltz had “ever thought about changing [his] name to Christoff Breakdance?” to asking Amy Adams to read the line “Don’t you ever fart on my tits again,” with “as much weight and gravity to it as possible.” I was able to eventually pull one that was best. Here it is.

Best moment:

Galifianakis: “You starred in a movie called ‘The Hunger Games’”

Lawrence: “Yeah. Isn’t that your life story?”

Galifianakis: “You shouldn’t say that. It’s off-putting”

Lawrence: “You should be off pudding. Because you’re fat.

Galifianakis: [silence]

Lawrence: “You shouldn’t eat any more pudding.”

5. President Obama

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 1.54.54 PM

All that Clinton’s interview showed us was how much cooler Barack Obama is. Obama hurled insults right back at Galifianakis as if he was a comedian himself. His fat jokes were on point and the conversation seemed genuine. Considering Obama isn’t an actor (in a literal sense, at least) this was impressive.

Best moment:

Obama: “We’ll probably pardon another turkey. We do that every Thanksgiving. Was that depressing for you? One turkey taken out of circulation — a turkey you couldn’t eat?”

4. Michael Cera

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 2.00.29 PM

Cera was the first guest interviewed by Galifianakis on “Between Two Ferns” and it was — as was to be expected from Cera’s characters — incredibly awkward. The interview is several minutes of verbal attacks at Cera’s expense as he — again, awkwardly — tries to take these insults in stride. The skit reaches peak awkward when Zack tries getting Cera to tickle his inner thigh.

Best moment:

Galifianakis: “Have I told you that I enjoyed the movie, ‘Superbad’?”

Cera: “No.”

Galifianakis: “Good.”

3. Bradley Cooper

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 2.03.30 PM

The interview starts out innocently enough, though you can tell from the get-go that Galifianakis is not a fan of Cooper’s. Cooper seems excited to be there, and very happy to take the few compliment tossed his way before Zack goes to town on him, interrupting with “Who gives a f*ck?” and mocking his laugh.

Best moment:

Galifianakis: “Let’s talk comedy movies. I loved ‘Wedding Crashers’. I’ve seen it three times.’”

Cooper: “Oh, thank you.”

Galifianakis: “Were you in that?”

2. Will Ferrell

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 2.04.56 PM

As soon as the interview starts, it’s obvious that Ferrell and Galifianakis are enjoying each other’s company. The two connect over a mutual love for lunch. As this affection grew, the sexual tension did as well. The two soon feed each other fruit, which somehow leads to a make-out session. The mood suddenly changes after Ferrell points out that Galifianakis isn’t listening and calls his host fat.

Best moment:

Ferrell: “Get the f*cking fat out of your ears!”

1. Steve Carell

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 2.07.32 PM

We’ve reached number one! A position proudly held by the great Steve Carell, who, before the interview has even starts, is visibly annoyed. He tells Galifianakis that he knows what his show’s all about and that he himself has some chosen words for his host, all of which are hilarious. This is, by far, the greatest of all moments on “Between Two Ferns”.

Carrell: “I’ve actually brought a few things I’d like to say to you:”

– “‘G-Force’? More like ‘Gee, he’s fat’.”

  “The only French word you know is ‘buffet’.”

– “I heard your last name used to be even longer but you ate all the other letters of the alphabet.

– ”Zack, you look like a homeless guy who’s been to a soup kitchen that specializes in ice cream soup.”