10 Living Musicians We Want Music From Again

Photo: Alejandro Jofré/Flickr

When you turn on the radio nowadays, it seems like all that comes out is pure noise, and the bleeding in your ears tells you there’s got to be another way. What about some of the classic living musicians we haven’t heard from in awhile? Maybe it’s time we heard from these people again, and maybe put the kiddies in their boom boom room, lock the door and throw away the key. Because the older we get, the quicker we realize that maybe, just maybe the music from yesteryear was a lot better. What are we saying? It is better.

If you were thinking Bon Iver was one of our picks, we’re sorry. He’s already back with plenty of other anticipated fall music on the way.

10 Living Musicians We Want Music From Again

So these awesome musicians better get on it, before, you know, they bite the dust. Hey, it happens. You all know that 2016 has been a hell of a year when it comes to the death of legendary musicians. I just want to make you folks aware. OK, OK, I’ll shut my trap now.

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