Probably The Greatest Onside Kick Of All Time

We are beyond shocked that the great Bill Belichick didn’t either come up with this on his own or steal it from a team that he was illegally videotaping.

Pretty simple concept here, kids. It’s a lot like dressing up the fattest kid in your school in a shit ton of hockey pads to make him even fatter and then sticking him in front of a hockey goal to play goalie.

This video is from a recent high school game, and we couldn’t give two craps where either team is from. The takeaway is, that in order to recover the onside kick, you drill it as hard as you can at the player you think has the worst shot at catching it, which is usually any receiver who plays for the Eagles or Vikings.

And when it’s done correctly, it’s a thing of beauty, much like Kate Upton getting out of a pool:

It’s not quite as revolutionary as the basketball play where a kid runs to the corner and gets down on all fours and starts barking like a dog, but I still love it….

h/t BroBible

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