WWE Pokémon Go Is The Latest Craze You Likely Don’t Even Know About

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty).

WWE Pokémon Go might not be a thing yet, but in a very secret beta testing, I got to try out the game before it was even announced to the general public. It certainly has some flaws, so I wanted to give an honest review. Here’s my experience with WWE Pokémon Go.

WWE Pokémon Go Is The Latest Craze You Likely Don’t Even Know About

wwe pokemon go, bray wyatt, latest craze

As soon as I started, a wild Bray Wyatt popped up! I was really excited because he’s one of my favorites, but then something bizarre happened.

wwe pokemon go, bray wyatt john cena

A wild John Cena flew in out of nowhere and destroyed the Bray Wyatt??

wwe pokemon go, john cena cp, latest craze

I guess my first WWE Pokémon is a John Cena. His CP was really high for my first one, but whatever. That’s a good problem.

wwe pokemon go, aj styles

I walked a little farther and nearly jumped for joy when I spotted a wild AJ Styles. I had been spotting him on small streets for a while, but as soon as he popped up on a major street, I knew I had to capture him.

wwe pokemon go, aj styles john cena, latest craze

But AGAIN, a John Cena showed up and beat up my AJ Styles. I didn’t want another John Cena, but apparently that’s what I’m getting.

wwe pokemon go, roman reigns

You know how Pidgeys pop up constantly in Pokémon Go? That’s how often Roman Reigns pops up in the WWE version. They’re just everywhere, and it’s nearly impossible to avoid them.

wwe pokemon go, roman reigns runs, latest craze

I finally decided to capture one, but the app alerted me there was a mandatory wellness test about to take place, and the Roman Reigns immediately ran off.

wwe pokemon go, sightings

I spotted a lot of good ones, but the real excitement started when there was a rumor of a CM Punk sighting!

wwe pokemon go, cm punk, latest craze

I thought I saw him and clicked on it, but apparently CM Punk doesn’t show up in the app either.

wwe pokemon go, john cena

It seems like the only thing that consistently spawns in the game is John Cena. Even if you’re catching something else, a John Cena shows up and takes its place.

wwe pokemon go, john cena brock lesnar, latest craze

Every other WWE Pokémon in the game has a very low CP except for pretty much all the John Cenas and the Brock Lesnar, which only shows up for big fights, crushes the opponent and then disappears.

wwe pokemon go, seth rollins

After a lot of searching, I finally came across the one I had been looking for: a Seth Rollins! I was so nervous as I threw the PokéBall toward him. It landed and I held my breath as it counted one…two…

wwe pokemon go, seth rollins triple h

Then a Triple H came out and destroyed him. Now the app just shows Triple H and Stephanie laughing every time I open it. I don’t know if this is part of the game or some kind of glitch. It’s bizarre.

Overall, it’s not a terrible game, but I really wish I could see more of the other stars instead of constantly being bombarded by Triple H and John Cena. Seriously, give me anybody else. Well, anybody except Dean Ambrose.

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