This Houston Road Rage Incident Is Absolutely Insane

Flipping someone off and yelling obscenities should be as far as a road rage incident goes, but for some reason people always want to take it a step further and act like idiots. And that is a complete understatement when referring to this incident.

This insane road rage altercation includes four people, including a woman who has the most annoying scream in Texas and a man who seems like he really misses his favorite childhood fair ride — bumper cars (skip ahead to the 1:10 mark for when things really escalate):

This Houston Road Rage Incident Is Absolutely Insane

According to reports, the man in the white car has now filed a police report.

In conclusion, no one in the video is a winner, but we are because we got to see Houston’s trashiest go at it.

h/t Deadspin

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