These 22 Bands Are In Desperate Need Of A Reboot

Photo: Yuri_Arcurs (Getty).

Music has really fallen behind the times. These days, every movie, TV show and comic book property you loved as a child is being either reimagined or given a sequel as a means of putting nostalgia to good use. So why not music? Sure, bands will occasionally release a cover to an old classic that manages to strike the right note with fans, but that’s small potatoes. We think it’s about time some of our favorite bands throughout history got their own reboot/sequel/prequel treatments. What that would entail is entirely out of my hands — I’m more of an idea man, anyways — but I imagine it might look a little something like this:

Bands In Desperate Need Of A Reboot

22 bands desperate need reboot, rebootfest 2016

Special thanks to Lucas Dunning and Sarah Nichols for pitching several hilarious ideas that made the lineup.

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