Couple Attacked By Hundreds Of Bed Bugs In NYC Hotel

Heads up: your entire body will be itching after reading this story.

Aside from having to deal with a colony of rats in the subway and everything being overpriced, a NYC visit should usually be very pleasant. But pleasant isn’t exactly the word for one California couple who had to deal with bed bugs at a hotel.

Elgin Ozlen and his girlfriend stayed at the $400/night Astor on the Park Hotel in Central Park West, and instead of enjoying a nice night’s sleep at an expensive hotel, they just ended up being attacked by bed bugs while they slept…at an expensive hotel. Elgin’s girlfriend got about 75 bites all over her body.

Couple Confronted With Hundreds Of Beg Bugs In NYC Hotel
Elgin was able to film all these bugs residing in the mattress, too. Check out the video below and try not to scratch the skin off your body:

The infestation ruined the couple’s visit, Elgin’s birthday, their New Year’s Eve and the chance to have a good night’s sleep ever again. The duo also lost over $1,000 in bug-infested clothes and shoes.

The couple says they have not been offered a refund by the hotel, but the general manager was disgusted when shown the bugs. The hotel has also failed to comment on the matter.

Probably better off sleeping on a Central Park bench next time.

Via NY Daily News

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