Mississippi Woman Pees Herself While Being Interviewed on Live TV

“All I heard him say was, ‘Help me, help me. I got to pee.'”

“Oh, that’s what he said?”

“I got to pee. I’m gonna pee on myself.”

That’s how it went down on live TV yesterday when a Greenville woman was being interviewed by the local CBS affiliate about a shooting near a gas station.

This poor young lady takes southern hospitality to new level. I mean, she is so nice that she is willing to answer every single question the reporter has despite the fact that her bladder is about to burst like a can of baked beans that your idiot brother just threw on the grill without opening it first.

You also have to admire the reporter’s willingness to get the story no matter what, but the young lady couldn’t have been more blunt about what was going to happen if the interview didn’t come to an end right there.

At the very least, let’s hope the reporter and cameraman chipped in to buy her a new pair of khakis.

via Uproxx

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