10 Bold Predictions for the Upcoming Third Season of ‘House of Cards’

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(Editor’s note: This article was written before the accidental Netflix leak of Season 3 on Feb. 11. Also, SPOILERS AHEAD!)

As the big shows keep returning to TV in 2015, the biggest hype is held for the Netflix original “House of Cards,” airing its entire third season on Friday, February 27. With Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood taking the presidential office, lots of old secrets and new lies are bound to be revealed. We have a few big predictions ourselves, but Season 3 of “House of Cards” is hard to forecast. Let’s give it a shot, anyway.

Frank Underwood’s first big task will be to take America to war.

house of cards season 3, frank underwood

Frank’s orders to revoke asylum for China’s Mr. Fang at the end of season two may have made sense from a legal standpoint, but that will have consequences in season three. Expect Frank, just like other recent presidents of America, to go to war right off the bat in his first term. The trailer for the new season showed multiple speeches and rallies involving military and big American flags, so expect patriotism to play a huge role in Season 3.

Claire will flip on Frank, but only one will come out the victor.

house of cards season 3, claire underwood

At the end of season two, we saw Claire finally break. Her involvement with Frank has outted her personally on several levels, and when things heat up, she’ll finally go against her man, even if it seems only like another one of their power moves. As things get harder for Frank, he’ll likely put a lot more weight on Claire until she cracks for good. Before this is over, she’s either going to take Frank down, or Frank is going to take her down.

Frank and the president of Russia will go toe-to-toe.

house of cards season 3, russian president house of cards

Judging by the trailer, it seemed as though Mr. Petrov was going to be the new Vice President who goes toe-to-toe with Frank, but in fact it’s the president of Russia. In the new trailer, we see Petrov plant a wet one on Claire in front of a room full of people, but this is all likely misleading and alludes to another clever scheme orchestrated by Frank and Claire to gain someone’s trust. From the demeanor between him and Frank, we’re guessing Petrov is the Raymond Tusk obstacle of season three, and those adversaries rarely come out ahead in the end.

Doug Stamper, Frank’s right hand, is not dead.

house of cards season 3, doug stamper

We saw Doug get clunked over the head with a rock by Rachel after she ran from the car in the finale, and by the end he had gone missing for days, but he’ll likely be discovered in the woods. If not by a lonely woodsman or some clever intelligence people, Gavin the cyber terrorist, told Doug he had his car tracked just before he was attacked. When word gets out that he’s gone missing, someone will step up and find him, and when they do, his first order of business will be to warn Frank that Rachel is loose with his secret about Zoe Barnes.

Rachel becomes the president’s biggest obstacle outside of the White House.

house of cards season 3, rachel posner

An APB was put out on Doug’s car, which will lead authorities straight to Rachel, who stole his car after attacking him in the woods. This will lead to them asking questions about her involvement with Doug and the Underwood administration. Her and a few allies (the two remaining journalists and Gavin the hacker) will be up against Frank’s dirty administration.

Remy Danton steps up to fill in for Doug Stamper as Frank’s confidant.

house of cards season 3, remy danton

With Doug gone, Frank is going to need someone reliable to turn to, and although he’s been batting for both teams, Remy Danton seems the likely candidate. He may be on the fence about helping Frank, but Remy will likely get a supportive nudge from his lady lover, Jackie Sharp. At the end of the day, Remy is the only guy left on the show who knows how to handle the shit hitting the fan like Frank.

Jackie Sharp will make a play using Remy Danton to work her way up.

house of cards season 3, jackie sharp

Once Remy is Frank’s inner circle, don’t be surprised when she uses him to make moves for herself. Although smart and sophisticated, the end of season two showed what a calculating, cold-hearted bitch Jackie can be, like a female Frank just waiting to make her move.

Meechum will push for another menage a trois and become a liability.

house of cards season 3, edward meechum

Once a lowly driver turned Secret Service with the help of Frank, Meechum will move right up the ladder along with President Underwood, but where do they take his character from here? There’s really only two places: back to the bedroom for another threesome or into the danger zone. Meechum knows a bit more than he should, a trusted ally to Frank, but even the most trusted ally becomes a liability in dire times. Let’s see how much Frank trusts his driver and personal protector by the end of this season.

Gavin Orsay, the cyber terrorist, will work to out Frank online.

gavin orsay house of cards

Better known as a McPoyle brother on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” Gavin Orsay is one of the top hackers in the cybersphere, but with the government over his shoulder, he’ll be forced into working a government office job, a suit and clean shaven. His disdain for the way they’re taking advantage of him will have Gavin making moves of his own to free himself, even if that means exposing the president. When he finds that Rachel has escaped and knows Frank’s secret, that’s when things will really heat up, and the internet seems the likely place to out Frank and all his skeletons.

The cat will come out of the bag (and shit will hit the fan).

house of cards season 3

The show itself isn’t long for this world, likely only going for four seasons before calling it quits. Netflix does right by its viewers not to let shows drag on past their prime, unlike most cable networks, so expect the big plot points you didn’t think would happen so soon to come out and hit hard for the main characters.

Whether by the hand of Janine Skorsky (the older brunette journalist), the curly haired Lucas Goodwin, Gavin the cyber terrorist, Rachel or any combination of those people, Frank will be exposed for his hand in Zoe Barnes’ murder and any number of other serious allegations. He will then be sought out by authorities, and Claire will be implicated as well. Or maybe Claire will be the one to break the camel’s back. We’ll find out when we take a sick day to binge watch the entire third season of “House of Cards” starting on February 27.