Watch These Kangaroos Street Fight Each Other With a Classical Music Soundtrack

Maybe it’s just us, but it looks like a kick to the nards is considered fair game when kangaroos take to the streets.

According to UPI, a man in Gosford, Australia, got the treat of a lifetime when two kangaroos recently decided to duke it out in the streets and front yards of his subdivision. Adding the music of Tchaikovsky to the video was nothing short of brilliant.

We’re not sure what caused the brawl, but according to several websites, kangaroos usually box each other over a woman or in self defense.

Since we don’t actually see the fight come to an end, it’s impossible for us to score it in its entirety. However, both ‘roos showed signs of tiring after the three-minute mark, and that’s going to cost both of them. But we’ll consider the kangaroo on the right the winner of the bout thanks to his takedown at the 2:45 mark.

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