Watch This Grandpa Kill It on the Dance Floor

Eat your heart out, old dude from the Six Flags commercials.

Maybe somebody spiked the apple cider, or maybe this guy’s Cialis finally kicked in. Who knows? The point is that if this old man is still lighting up the dance floor like this in 2014, there is no way the speakeasy dance floor could contain him during the final years of Prohibition.

Watch This Grandpa Kill It on the Dance Floor

There’s no denying that this gramps has the skills to rock any dance floor. I mean, his cane-free moves are so damn hot that it took less than a minute for some minx to jump in there and join him.

But for the love of god, please tell me that he’s not dancing at that wedding with some kind of homemade colostomy bag attached to his hip. I don’t know how they did things back in the 1930s, but sporting one of those on a dance floor these days is a major party foul.

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